About us

Akelius tenants unite

The real estate group Akelius owns or manages more than 870 buildings in Berlin; the city is the most important location worldwide for Akelius.

Experiences with Akelius are:

  • Tenants‘ concerns are likely to be delayed on purpose.
  • Housing is being vacated for minimal or sham reasons.
  • Vacated housing is modernized and then let for extremely high rents.
  • In some cases tenement buildings have been converted to condominiums.
  • Buildings are acquired in share deals in order to cheat the Berlin boroughs administration out of their realty transfer tax and their preemptive right.

We tenants will not accept that without objection.
Let’s organize ourselves and stand up for our rights!

For information exchange and mutual help!

We organize tenants‘ assemblies, exchange information about Akelius, plan joint actions, do PR work and make speeches during demonstrations and other occasions. We are also in contact with Akelius tenants in other cities and countries.

We do not belong to any association, party or company. We are committed to the struggle against real estate speculators and for a life in solidarity, in a city that belongs to everybody.

If you wanna join us, send us a message, come to our assemblies and participate. You’ll find all events here.

For further information check material and our forum.

Akelius has hundreds of buildings in Berlin. But we are tens of thousands of tenants!

The akelius tenants‘ network is financially supported by Netzwerk Selbsthilfe from september 2018 until August 2019.